Down In The 

Alley Records

Down In The Alley Records is devoted to showcasing local and regional blues, folk, jazz and roots music.  Our mission is to offer a vehicle for musicians, who otherwise may not have the means or opportunities, to have their music heard.

Down In The Alley Records is the culmination of 48 years of being in love with music.  It all began with hearing Ray Charles, then Stevie Wonder and Dylan.  The fever took over for good once I heard The Allman Brothers Band.  Then it was off into the world of the blues.  After all, IT is the music from which all others came, even today's pop and electronica.  As the Co-Producer of the Garvin Gate Blues Festival and a DJ on artxfm,com (Blues Highway-Mondays at 2:00-4:00 PM EST) I've been fortunate to be able to keep the blues in the forefront in Louisville.  But, I still love all music and I believe strongly in supporting local music.  Hence the birth of this record company.  Down In The Alley Records hopes to help local musicians have their music heard through recordings and support for live music.